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2nd Floor Deck

Contemporary Residential

Communal Living Exploded Perspective Diagram 110 Morningside Drive Rendering

Communal Living

This exploded perspective drawing shows the locations of all the communal spaces throughout the building.

Multi-level Decks

Making use of those 3 voids that go down through the building, I began by placing these communal multi-level decks, with both lounge and dining areas. These can be accessed from any floor and lead up to the roof.

Communal Living Multi-level Decks Rendering
Communal Living Indoor Lounges with Balconies North Side Rendering

Indoor Lounges with Balconies

For indoor communal spaces, I decided to include a lounge for the residents on every other floor. These spaces connect to balconies along the northern side of the building, which connect from street level up to the roof, making use of the space between the next building on the north side. I used glass walls along each side of the lounges to keep the space feeling open, with window treatments for the option of semi-privacy.

Communal Living North Side 110 Morningside Drive Rendering

The North Side

The Lobby

I wanted the entrance of the building to feel warm and welcoming. I designed the lobby to be very soft and muted, using curved lines and soft materials. I also wanted to incorporate a more secure space for the residents to receive their mail, so I attached a separate locked mailroom off the side.